Table 1

Summary of experimental procedures and clinical features of subjects included in this study

Route of immunisation Diagnosis No of fasting days No of subjects Age (years, mean (SD)) Sex (M/F) Disease duration (years, mean (SD)) Treatment
Corticosteroids DMARD Cytotoxic drugs
PeroralSeropositive RA6549 (7)0/515 (6)80%60%20%
Seronegative polyarthritis31600/1 1NoneNoneNone
Controls6536 (7)3/2
Controls3740 (8)3/4
ControlsNone438 (10)1/3
ParenteralSeronegative polyarthritis31610/1 2NoneNoneNone
Controls3540 (10)2/3
ControlsNone342 (12)1/2
  • DMARD, disease modifying antirheumatic drugs.