Table 2

Clinical and laboratory characteristics for definite primary SS cases

Patient Age Duration of Sicca symptoms (y) Tear or saliva substitutes (y) Rose bengal score (Van Bisterveld’s scoring system) Minor salivary gland biopsy (Tarpley’s classification) Unstimulated salivary flow test (ml) ANA (titre/type) RF (IU/ml) Anti-Ro/SSA Anti-La/SSB
16151LE 3/9+32.21:640/fine spec160
RE 4/9
2633LE 4/9+32.01:1280/ fine spec640+
RE 5/9
3655LE 1/9+11.21
RE 1/9
46618LE 2/9+30.71:320/speckled80
RE 2/9
52-150 7523LE 3/9+31.31:160/speckled80
RE 4/9
  • 2-150 One sister with rheumatoid arthritis. ANA = antinuclear antibodies, RF = rheumatoid factor, LE = left eye, RE = right eye.