Table 3

Comparison between Whipple’s disease and adult onset Still’s disease

Whipple’s disease
(adapted from6 7)
Adult Still’s disease
(adapted from8)
Peak age at onset30–6016–35
Mean age at onset4930
EthnicityPredominantly whiteWorldwide
Clinical features
  TypeUsually low grade,  intermittentUsually high spiking once or twice a day
  ArthritisOften transientUsually persisent or in episodes of >2 weeks
Large > small jointsLarge > small joints
Usually non-deformingDeforming in 31%
  RadiologyUsually non-erosiveOften erosive and ankylosing eventually9
 Weight loss ⩾10%95%38%
 Adominal pain60%13%
 Neutrophilia (15 000)75%