Table 4

Serum osteocalcin, urine collagen cross-link excretion, and bone mineral density among men and women born in Hertfordshire during 1920-1930

Marker Sex No of subjects Bone mineral density (g cm−2)
Lumbar spine Femoral neck
OsteocalcinMen213−0.154-150 −0.19
Women188−0.24 −0.27
Log NTX/crMen101−0.19−0.234-150
Women95−0.43 −0.214-150
  • Figures are partial correlation coefficients after age adjustment.

  • Log NTX/cr, log transformed values of type I collagen cross linked N-telopeptide/creatine.

  • 4-150 P < 0.05; P < 0.01; P < 0.001.