Table 1

Distributions of body weight, bone mass, and serum osteocalcin among 224 men and 189 women born in Hertfordshire during 1920-1930

Variable Men Women
Mean SD Mean SD
Birthweight (g)35986073460532
Weight at one year (g)10305124896291074
Adult weight (kg)79.911.768.911.5
Adult height (cm)172.46.5160.35.8
Lumbar spine BMC (g)75.716.053.412.8
Femoral neck BMC (g)
Lumbar spine BMD
(g cm−2)
Femoral neck BMD
(g cm−2)
Serum osteocalcin
(μg litre−1)
  • Values for all variables are statistically significantly different (P < 0.001) between men and women.