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  • Symptom relief with biphosphonates in arthritis.
    Sandeep Saluja

    Dear Editor,

    I read with immense interest the e-letter on the analgesic effect of pamidronate.In fact I have been observing this effect with alendronate for past couple of years. When I prescribe weeky alendronate for my patients who also have rheumatoid arthritis, they come back requesting for the weekly dose to be prescribed daily. The symptom relief however lasts only for the day the dose is administered. In...

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  • Testing
    P Stowell
    Dear Editor

    I am wondering why, in this day and age, researchers into the long term effects/links of infections and the possible connection with potentially devastating conditions do not use PCR testing for the identification of these infecting or trigger organisms? My understanding is that PCR testing is far more sensitive than indirect methods of detecting the body's response to the bug concerned.

    I would be inte...

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  • Re: Coffee or decaf?
    Markku Heliovaara

    Dear Editor:

    The surveys were conducted in 1970s. At that time the majority of Finns drank traditional boiled coffee. The use of decaffeinated coffee was exceptional. In the Mini-Finland Health Survey, there was a negative correlation between daily cups of tea and coffee (age and sex adjusted partial r= -0.30, p...

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  • Coffee or decaf?
    Susan E Grober
    Dear Editor:

    This potentially valuable information about a relationship between coffee consumption and the presence of the rhematoid factor is difficult to evaluate because of a lack of clarity in definitions. What is meant by "coffee"? Is coffee, caffeinated or decaffeinated? This is an obvious distinction that readers need to consider these findings.

    Also, it would have been interesting to have information ab...

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