Response to:Comorbidities in a Mexican Mestizo cohort with established rheumatoid arthritis

Maxime Dougados, Professor,
November 28, 2013

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the investigators of the COMORA study, we would like to congratulate for the study you have conducted in Mexican mestizo patients. The results observed are totally in accordance with the results observed in the COMORA study that is: 1/ a relevant percentage of rheumatoid arthritis patients with comorbidities and 2/ a huge inter-country variability.

We would like to echo our Mexican colleagues that, in accordance to the EULAR recommendations, these studies emphasize the need of a yearly evaluation of such comorbidities. Such studies (the COMORA one and the one conducted in Mexico) could facilitate the standardization of the way to collect such comorbidities in patients with chronic inflammatory disorders.

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Conflict of Interest

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