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ASAS consensus definition of early axial spondyloarthritis
  1. Victoria Navarro-Compán1,2,
  2. Diego Benavent1,2,
  3. Dafne Capelusnik3,4,
  4. Désirée van der Heijde5,
  5. Robert BM Landewé6,7,
  6. Denis Poddubnyy8,9,
  7. Astrid van Tubergen10,11,
  8. Xenofon Baraliakos12,13,
  9. Filip E Van den Bosch14,15,
  10. Floris A van Gaalen5,
  11. Lianne Gensler16,
  12. Clementina López-Medina17,18,
  13. Helena Marzo-Ortega19,20,
  14. Anna Molto21,22,
  15. Rodolfo Pérez-Alamino23,
  16. Martin Rudwaleit24,
  17. Marleen van de Sande25,
  18. Raj Sengupta26,
  19. Ulrich Weber27,
  20. Sofia Ramiro5,7
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  1. Correspondence to Dr Victoria Navarro-Compán, Rheumatology, La Paz University Hospital, Madrid 28046, Spain; mvictoria.navarroc{at}


Objectives To develop a consensual definition for the term ‘early axial spondyloarthritis—axSpA’—and ‘early peripheral spondyloarthritis—pSpA’.

Methods The ASAS (Assessment of SpondyloArthritis international Society-Spondyloarthritis EARly definition) steering committee convened an international working group (WG). Five consecutive steps were followed: (1) systematic literature review (SLR); (2) discussion of SLR results within the WG and ASAS community; (3) a three-round Delphi survey inviting all ASAS members to select the items that should be considered for the definition; (4) presentation of Delphi results to the WG and ASAS community and (5) ASAS voting and endorsement (2023 annual meeting).

Results Following the SLR, consensus was to proceed with an expert-based definition for early axSpA (81% in favour) but not for pSpA (54% against). Importantly, early axSpA should be based on symptom duration taking solely axial symptoms into account. 151–164 ASAS members participated in the Delphi surveys. Consensus was achieved for considering the following items within early axSpA definition: duration of symptoms ≤2 years; axial symptoms defined as cervical/thoracic/back/buttock pain or morning stiffness; regardless of the presence/absence of radiographic damage. The WG agreed that in patients with a diagnosis of axSpA ‘early axSpA’ should be defined as a duration of ≤2 years of axial symptoms. Axial symptoms should include spinal/buttock pain or morning stiffness and should be considered by a rheumatologist as related to axSpA. The ASAS community endorsed this proposal (88% in favour).

Conclusions Early axSpA has newly been defined, based on expert consensus. This ASAS definition should be adopted in research studies addressing early axSpA.

  • Spondylitis, Ankylosing
  • Arthritis
  • Outcome Assessment, Health Care

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  • Twitter @annamolto, @sofiaramiro82

  • Contributors VN-C and SR designed the study and developed the study protocol. DB and DC performed the survey and summarised the data. All authors participated actively in the project. VN-C and SR wrote the first draft of the manuscript. All authors critically reviewed the manuscript for important intellectual contribution and approved the final version.

  • Funding The Assessment of SpondyloArthritis international Society (ASAS) funded Diego Benavent to work on this project.

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