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Response to: ‘Correspondence on ‘Variants in urate transporters, ADH1B, GCKR and MEPE genes associated with transition from asymptomatic hyperuricaemia to gout: results of the first gout versus asymptomatic hyperuricaemia GWAS in Caucasians using data from the UK Biobank’’ by Takei et al


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Jun 202155154779
Jul 202128728229
Aug 2021605822
Sep 2021474123
Oct 2021595930
Nov 2021595631
Dec 20211009412
Jan 2022595715
Feb 2022605910
Mar 2022464521
Apr 2022393722
May 2022443920
Jun 202233339
Jul 2022484517
Aug 2022393711
Sep 2022343010
Oct 2022414112
Nov 202250497