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Tofacitinib in steroid-dependent relapsing polychondritis
  1. Alexey D Meshkov1,
  2. Pavel I Novikov1,
  3. Evgeny V Zhilyaev2,
  4. Ilia David J Ilevsky3,
  5. Sergey V Moiseev1
  1. 1Tareev Clinic of Internal Diseases, Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Moscow, Russia
  2. 2European Medical Center, Moscow, Russia
  3. 3Municipal Polycinic #64, Moscow, Russia
  1. Correspondence to Professor Sergey V Moiseev, Tareev Clinic of Internal Diseases, Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University Moscow Russia ; clinpharm{at}

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Relapsing polychondritis (RP) is a rare progressive inflammatory condition involving cartilaginous structures, predominantly those of the ears, nose and laryngotracheobronchial tree. The McAdam’s diagnostic criteria require meeting three out of six of the following: recurrent chondritis of both auricles, nonerosive inflammatory polyarthritis, chondritis of nasal cartilages, ocular inflammation (conjunctivitis, keratitis, scleritis and/or uveitis), chondritis of respiratory tract, cochlear and/or vestibular damage (neurosensory hearing loss, tinnitus or vertigo).1 Systemic corticosteroids remain the mainstay of treatment for RP. Immunosuppressive agents (eg, methotrexate, azathioprine, dapsone, cyclophosphamide, etc) have been frequently used for the treatment of more severe and steroid-resistant manifestations of RP. The administration of biologics in patients with RP has been also described.2 3

In the recently published French multicentre retrospective cohort study, Moulis et al reported 41 patients with RP treated with 105 biological agents, including tumour necrosis factor (TNF) inhibitors, tocilizumab, anakinra, rituximab and abatacept.4 The reasons for initiating biological therapy were corticosteroid dependence, corticosteroid resistance or intolerance to methotrexate. …

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