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Response to: ’Standard dose of ustekinumab for childhood-onset deficiency of interleukin-36 receptor antagonist’ by Cherqaoui et al
  1. Nadia Bonekamp1,
  2. Roberta Caorsi2,
  3. Joost Frenkel1,
  4. Marco Gattorno2
  1. 1Department of Pediatrics, Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital, University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  2. 2Rheumatology Unit, G Gaslini Institute, Genova, Italy
  1. Correspondence to Dr Marco Gattorno, Clinica Pediatrica e Reumatologia, G. Gaslini Institute, Genova, Italy; marcogattorno{at}

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The case reported by Cherqaoui et al1 on ustekinumab in the treatment of deficiency of interleukin-36 receptor antagonist (DITRA) is interesting in several aspects.

The authors describe intrathecal elevation of proinflammatory cytokines, which is a novel and intriguing finding. The mutation in their case is identical to that of the Dutch/Moroccan patient we described. The total absence …

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