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Ethical and legal constraints on data sharing between countries in multinational epidemiological studies in Europe Report from a joint workshop of the EULAR Standing Committee on Epidemiology with the 'AutoCure' Project
  1. Angela Zink (zink{at}
  1. German Rheumatism Research Centre, Germany
    1. Alan J Silman (alan.silman{at}
    1. Arthritis Research Campaign, United Kingdom


      We report on a workshop on ethical and legal constraints on data sharing between countries in multinational epidemiologic research in Europe which was held in January 2007 in Potsdam/Germany. The participants were experienced epidemiologic and clinical researchers from eight European countries. Epidemiologic and clinical studies are inceasingly planned and conducted on a European level, and funds are available for this kind of studies. However, data sharing in multicentre clinical and epidemiological studies is hampered by the different legal and ethical constraints individual national researchers face. The aim of the workshop was to share current knowledge on these areas, to identify areas for joint action and to enhance the likelihood of success for the new funding programmes.

      • clinical research
      • data protection
      • epidemiology
      • ethics
      • workshop

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