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  1. O. Krichevskaya1,
  2. T. Dubinina1,
  3. N. Klimenchenko2,
  4. N. Shatalova3
  1. 1V.A.Nasonova Research Institute of Rheumatology, Laboratory of axial spondyloarthritis, Moscow, Russian Federation
  2. 2National medical research center for obstetrics, gynecology and perinatology named after academician V.I.Kulakov, Obstetric department of pathology of pregnancy, Moscow, Russian Federation
  3. 3Russian ankylosing spondylitis association, Directorate, Moscow, Russian Federation


Background Having been diagnosed with ankylosis spondylitis (AS), 68,2% of females in Russia reconsider their plans for pregnancy, with 13% giving up motherhood altogether out of fear for their own and their child’s potential health problems. However, most females allow pregnancy while experiencing emotional discomfort and anxiety1.

Objectives To shed more light on the mutual influence of AS and pregnancy, AS pregnancy outcomes, clinical course of AS as well as medication options during AS and lactation.

Methods From 03/2021 to 12/2021 an on-line series of eight webinars was conducted together with the patients’ Russian ankylosing spondylitis association. Each webinar included lectures of one or two rheumatologists and an obstetrician; furthermore, the series included the presentations of a physical therapy instructor (with the demonstration of exercises) and of a breast-feeding specialist. After the lecture each speaker answered the audience’s questions. Topics of rheumatologists’ lectures were “AS and pregnancy: problem introduction”, “What do we know about AS genetics”, “Features of pregnancy planning” (included therapy issues for men with AS who are planning to father a child), “Rheumatologist prenatal and postnatal care” (included the analysis of AS clinical manifestations such as potential changes in back pain type),“Contemporary approaches to AS pregnancy treatment”. A brochure for the patients with the main provisions of the lectures had been developed in support of the series.

Results Webinars scored 703±192 views (by 29.01.2022). According to the questionnaire survey of the audience, 43,8% first knew that it was necessary to plan AS pregnancy minimum 3-6 months before conception; 25% – that conception is optimal during remission or low AS activity; 31,3% – that medical therapy can be continued during pregnancy; 18,8% – that it is necessary to inform the obstetrician about AS diagnosis and therapy received. 80% of the participants are fully satisfied with the information provided by the web series; 13,3% – reported not to had received enough information.

Conclusion The interest in webinars shows that the choice of the form and the information provided was successful. The content of the series can be used to develop FAQ-section on the patient’s website “Ankylosing Spondylitis Association». In 2022, lectures will continue taking into account patients’ feedback.

References [1]Z.Gandaloeva, O.Krichevskaya, T.Dubinina. Plans for motherhood are changed after diagnosing ankylosis spondylitis (AS). AS female patients’ attitude to the use of as medications during pregnancy planning and conception. Ann Rheum Dis, 2019; 78 (2), A1241DOI:10.1136/annrheumdis-2019-eular.3958

Disclosure of Interests None declared.

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