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  1. N. Teodorovic1,
  2. S. Djordjevic1,
  3. L. Vranic1
  1. 1Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia


Background: In Serbia, regular examinations with a rheumatologist are scheduled on average every 3 to 4 months. With this in mind, there is a real possibility that many patient data during this period may not be presented to the doctor during the examination, either because the patient forgets them or because they may focus on other issues and may not highlight key facts

Objectives: To overcome this problem, the Association of Patients with Rheumatic Diseases of Serbia-ORS in cooperation with an IT firm developed the application “MojRA”, which was presented at the annual rheumatology congress of Serbia held in September 2019. The application “MojRA” is intended for patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis - RA. The application enables efficient storage and systematization of data, allows doctors to monitor the condition of their patients between two examinations and have a medical history. “MojRA” is available for now from smartphones running the android operating system on the google play store. The privacy of patient information is guaranteed.

Methods: Patients with RA will be able to record and store information about important moments during treatment in a simple and transparent way. At each subsequent visit they will be able to describe what happened to their illness in the meantime. The application can create different types of reports and views.

At the same time, the doctor can use the app to inform the patient about her/his condition in real time, which will contribute to better and more meaningful communication. All this would improve the quality of health care, preserving work capacity and improving the quality of life.

Results: In order to simplify biotherapy committee approval procedure for patients of RA, the “Charger” has been developed in association with ORS and URes. The “Charger” will connect data collected by MojRa to the registry of RA patients, making the whole approval procedure more efficient and transparent.

Testing of the second version of this application is underway, meetings are held between the patients using the application and the IT company that created it.

Plans are to expand the app to other types of arthritis in the near future, too, and will soon be completed for devices running Apple operating systems.

Conclusion: In addition to being of great benefit to patients and doctors, it can in the future be of immeasurable importance for the savings in the overall health care system of the Republic of Serbia.

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[3]ACR Mobile Apps,, American College of Reumatology.

Disclosure of Interests: None declared

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