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Hospital contacts due to hepatobiliary adverse events in >5000 patients with inflammatory joint disease treated with originator or biosimilar etanercept (SB4): an observational nationwide study applying linkage between DANBIO and national registries
  1. Bente Glintborg1,2,
  2. Stylianos Georgiadis1,
  3. Anne Gitte Loft3,4,
  4. Asta Linauskas5,
  5. Hanne Lindegaard6,
  6. Oliver Hendricks7,
  7. Dorte V Jensen8,
  8. Birgitte Lange Andersen9,
  9. Kamilla Danebod10,
  10. Anders Villumsen11,
  11. Grith Eng12,
  12. Charlotte Wiell13,
  13. Natalia Manilo14,
  14. Salome Kristensen15,16,
  15. Johnny Raun17,
  16. Jolanta Grydehøj18,
  17. Stavros Chrysidis19,
  18. Mette Nørgaard20,
  19. Frank Mehnert20,
  20. Niels Steen Krogh21,
  21. Merete Lund Hetland1,2
  1. 1 The DANBIO registry and Copenhagen Center for Arthritis Research (COPECARE), Center for Rheumatology and Spine Diseases, Centre of Head and Orthopaedics, Rigshospitalet Glostrup, Glostrup, Denmark
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  21. 21 Zitelab Aps, Copenhagen, Denmark
  1. Correspondence to Dr Bente Glintborg, The DANBIO registry and Copenhagen Center for Arthritis Research (COPECARE), Center for Rheumatology and Spine Diseases, Centre of Head and Orthopaedics, Rigshospitalet Glostrup, Glostrup 2600, Denmark; glintborg{at}

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Recent international guidelines recommend the use of biosimilar biological drugs on similar terms as their corresponding originators, including switching from a bio-originator to the biosimilar.1 However, the comparative safety of biosimilars in patients with inflammatory joint diseases (IJD) in routine care is still debated.2 In a phase 3 randomised trial among patients with rheumatoid arthritis, biosimilar etanercept (SB4) had slightly more hepatobiliary adverse events compared with the originator (ETN), possibly explained by differences in patients’ comorbid diseases and comedication use.3 The occurrence of, for example, hepatobiliary safety events is likely to differ across indications (due to differences in age, body weight, use of methotrexate, comedication, etc) and has not been explored in etanercept-treated patients with psoriatic arthritis or axial spondyloarthritis.4

In April 2016, a mandatory switch from ETN to SB4 was performed in Denmark to save costs and the 1-year clinical …

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  • HL and OH contributed equally.

  • Contributors BG and MLH contributed to the study design. BG, SG, MLH, MN, FM, NSK: data management, analyses of raw data and interpretation. All authors contributed to data collection and contributed to and approved the final manuscript.

  • Competing interests BG: AbbVie, Biogen, Pfizer, MSD. MLH: Orion, BMS, AbbVie, Biogen, Pfizer, MSD, Celltrion. AGL: AbbVie, MSD, Novartis, Pfizer, Roche, UCB. OH: AbbVie, Roche, Novartis. GE: Pfizer, Medac.

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