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  1. Fulya Cosan1,
  2. Sena Arda1,
  3. Nuri Onat Demirci2
  1. 1Bahcesehir University, Faculty of Medicine, Internal Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey
  2. 2Bahcesehir University, Faculty of Medicine, Neurology, Istanbul, Turkey


Background Parkinson disease (PD) is a progressive neurological disease, characterised with tremor, spasticity, arthrosis, dementia, loss of mobility and generalised pain. PD affects mainly elderly population. Activity of PD patients is restricted because of spasticity and severe arthrosis. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease which can cause disability in elderly population. Patients with can admit to rheumatology clinics with generalised pain or restricted mobilisation. In contrast, in some PD patients with generalised pain on joints, RA may be overlooked

Objectives We aimed in this study to evaluate the characteristics of patients with RA and Parkinson patients.

Methods 842 RA patients screened retrospective for PD from the patient files.10 patients with both RA and Parkinson disease were included to study. 3 female and 7 male patients with mean age 76,4 (with a standard deviation 5,4) were evaluated. The characteristics of patientsare evaluated from the patient files.

Results All patients were older than 75 years. Mean RA duration time was 14 months and PD duration time was 34 months. All patients admitted outpatient clinic with leg pain and inability to walk. 4 of 10 patients had mild dementia. Median ESR was 36 mm/h and median CRP value was 0,68 mg/dl. 6 of 10 patients had positive ANA result with 1/100 ratio, but rheumatoid factor and anti CCP were negative.

Conclusion PD is one of the disorder that may cause severe disability in very old ages. RA may be an additional factor for pain and loss of function in PD patients. Patients with generalised pain and difficulties with walking should be evaluated for PD especially in old ages. PD patients with generalised pain on joints should be evaluated for inflammatioy arthritis.

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