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FRI0183 Clinical peripheral enthesitis in the desir prospective longitudinal axial spondyloarthritis cohort
  1. V. Nadon1,
  2. A. Moltó2,
  3. A. Etcheto2,
  4. L. Bessette3,
  5. L. Michou3,
  6. M.-A. D’Agostino4,
  7. P. Claudepierre5,
  8. D. Wendling6,
  9. M. Dougados2
  1. 1Institut Rhumatologie Montreal, Montreal, Canada
  2. 2Cochin, Paris, France
  3. 3CHUL, Quebec, Canada
  4. 4Ambroise-Paré, Boulogne-Billancourt
  5. 5Henri Mondor, Créteil
  6. 6CHU Besançon, Besançon, France


Objectives 1) To describe the prevalence and characteristics of peripheral enthesitis in recent onset axial spondyloarthritis; 2) to estimate the incidence of peripheral enthesitis over time; 3) to determine the factors associated with the presence of peripheral enthesitis.

Methods Patients: 708 patients with recent onset axial spondyloarthritis enrolled in the DESIR cohort (prospective multi-centre, longitudinal). Data collected: patients and spondyloarthritis characteristics at baseline with a specific focus on enthesitis and occurrence of peripheral enthesitis, during the five of years follow-up

Results At inclusion, 395 patients (55.8%) reported peripheral enthesitis. The locations were mainly the plantar fascia (53.7%) and the Achilles tendon (38.5%). During the 5 year follow-up period, 109 additional patients developed peripheral enthesitis resulting in an estimated (Kaplan Meier technic) percentage of 71% (95% CI: 68–75). Variables associated with peripheral enthesitis in the univariate analysis were: older age, male gender, absence of HLA B27, MRI sacroiliitis and fulfilled Modified NY criteria, presence of anterior chest wall pain, peripheral arthritis, dactylitis, psoriasis, high BASDAI, BASFI, mean score ASAS-and the use of NSAID. Only the history of anterior chest wall pain and of peripheral arthritis were retained in the multivariate analysis (Odds Ratio (OR)=1.6 [95% Confidence interval (1.6 [1.1–2.3], and OR=2.1 [1.4–3.0], respectively).

Conclusions This study highlights the high prevalence of peripheral enthesitis in recent onset axial spondyloarthritis, and suggests that in combination with peripheral arthritis, enthesitis might have an impact on the burden of the disease.

Acknowledgements The DESIR cohort is financially supported via an unrestricted grant from PFIZER Ltd. France. Valérie NADON has received a research grant from JANSSEN Ltd Canada.

Disclosure of Interest None declared

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