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THU0534 The effect of lumber stabilisation exercise on the balance and clinical health
  1. K. Barut1,
  2. E. Taştaban2,
  3. F. Sendur2
  1. 1PMR, Aydın Devlet Hastanesi
  2. 2PMR, Adu Tip, Aydin, Turkey


Objectives The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of lumbar stabilisation exercises on chronic low back pain in term of pain, functioning, quality of life, balance and trophic improvement of lumbar multifidus muscles.

Methods 66 patients with chronic low back pain were enrolled in this study. The patients were randomised and divided into two groups. Lomber stabilisation exercises, TENS and Hotpack treatments were given to the first group (n: 28) while the second group (n: 37) were treated with only TENS and Hotpack. Patients‘ evaluations have been carried out before and after 8 weeks following the exercises. Visuel Analogue Scale (VAS) were used to determine the pain as a numeric scale during the rest and pyhsical activity. Modified Oswestry Questionnaire Survey and Roland Morris Scale were used to evaluate of functional disability. The Short Form-36 (SF36) applied to measure of quality of life. Tetrax device has been used to evaluation the body balance. 7–15 MHZ Ultrasound has been used to evaluate the change of trophic changes of multifidus muscle’s cross-sectional areas.

Results Except falling risk, in all parameters we have observed significant improvement in group 1. Cross-sectional area of the multifidus muscles, physical role of SF-36, mental health and energy/vitality sub parameters were found significantly better in group 1 when compared to the other group. There was no significant difference between the groups when the fall index, VAS scores, Roland Morris Questionnaire and Oswestry Disability Index were considered.

Conclusions As a result, lomber stabilisation exercises have positive effect on pain relief, improve the functional capacity and quality of life. Additionally the exercises also had benefit and increased cross-sectional areas of multifidus muscles.

Disclosure of Interest None declared

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