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SAT0341 Pilot study: home management of iloprost in the micropump/24 hours, in patients suffering from scleroderma, followed for 12 months
  1. G Pistone,
  2. R Daita,
  3. C Arcuri,
  4. N Catalano,
  5. S Liuzza,
  6. C Rinollo,
  7. G D'Aguanno,
  8. A Allotta,
  9. M Lo Monaco,
  10. R Mallaci Bocchio,
  11. G Natoli,
  12. S Corrao
  1. AZ.OSP.ARNAS Civico, PALERMO, Italy


Background evaluate the effectiveness on Raynaud's phenomenon and on digital ulcers, safety and side effects, during intravenous infusion of iloprost therapy in patients with diffuse and limited scleroderma

Objectives the effectiveness of the therapy was assessed at 0 and 12 months, on the basis of daily number of episodes of Raynaud's phenomenon, evaluation of digital ulcers changes of the vascular nail bed to capillaroscopio, evaluation of pulmonary hypertension.

Security according to the appearance of adverse events.

Methods They were enrolled consecutively, for a period of 12 months, 12 patients, 9 women and 2 men, 9 suffering from diffuse scleroderma (positive Scl70) and 3 suffering from limited scleroderma (positive anticentromere), middle age 52,91 years, mean age of disease 7,8 years, 11 non-smoking. They were subjected to infusion of iloprost 1/2 vial diluted in 25 cc of saline solution to 0,6 ml/h, in micropump Infonde for 24 consecutive hours, for 4 days a month for 12 months, 10 patients with peripheral lines and 2 with central venous access.

Results of 12 patients with the Raynaud's phenomenon, there was a reduction in the daily number in 4 patients, unchanged in 8 patients. Digital ulcers disappeared in 6 patients, they were unchanged in 5 patients, improved although present in 1 patient. In 7 patients capillaroscopic framework remained unchanged, in 5 patients improved capillary density. 10 patients had no pulmonary hypertension, 2 patients had pulmonary hypertension, no change in the two groups at T0 and T 12. None of the patients experienced side effects during the infusion.

Conclusions the cyclical infusion therapy iloprost prevented the onset of ulcers in patients at T0 not presented or the appearance of new ulcers; it has contributed to the reduction in the daily number of Raynaud's phenomenon and also allowed to reach the same effective dose of a vial of iloprost to dilute in 50 cc of saline solution, allowing the patient to perform at home therapy with greater compliance. In terms of safety none of the patients experienced side effects or adverse effects

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