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SAT0307 Recurrence rate of thrombosis for patients with anti-phospholipid antibodies initially and disappeared later after thrombosis
  1. SM Kim1,
  2. J Kim2,
  3. Y Kim3,
  4. SW Kang2,
  5. S-C Shim2,
  6. S-J Yoo3
  1. 1Internal Medicine, Chungbuk National University Hospital, Cheong-ju
  2. 2Internal Medicine, School of Medicine Chungnam National University
  3. 3Internal Medicine, Chungnam National University Hospital, Daejeon, Korea, Republic Of


Background In case of anti-phospholipid syndrome, anticoagulants are recommended. However, there were no data about recurrence rate for thrombosis in patients with anti-phospholipid antibodies (APS) initially which disappeared later.

Objectives We compared recurrence rate of thrombosis between negative conversion group and control group.

Methods We reviewed the medical records of patients diagnosed with thrombosis such as cerebral infarct, myocardial infarct, deep vein thrombosis, or thrombosis of other vessels at a tertiary medical center from 2000 to October 2016. Of these, 14 patients whose APA status was converted from positive to negative after more than 12 weeks were enrolled as negative conversion group. Forty-six patients without APA were matched with the ratio of 1:3∼1:4 according to age, sex, thrombosis type (arterial or venous) and therapeutic agents as control group.

Results There was no difference between negative conversion group and control group in smoking status, presence of diabetes or hypertension, duration from the thrombosis to last visits or to recurrence, the proportion of patients taking glucocorticoids. There was no difference in the overall recurrence of thrombosis between two groups [negative conversion group, 3/14 (21%) vs. control group, 6/46 (13%), p=0.423]. In the negative conversion group, the number of patients diagnosed with SLE was significantly higher than the control group [SLE, 3/14 (21%) vs. 1/46 (2%), p=0.036]. However, thrombosis had recurred in one out of three patients with SLE.

Conclusions The cumulative incidence of thrombotic events was not significantly different between negative conversion group and control group.

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