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FRI0557 Does weighted kypho-orthosis (WKO) reduce risk of fall in women with osteoporosis? a preliminary study
  1. SA Raeissadat1,
  2. SM Rayegani2,
  3. L Sedighipour1,
  4. M Hashemi2,
  5. MH Bahrami2
  1. 1Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Research Center
  2. 2Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation research center, Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic Of


Background It was suggested that posture training support with spinal orthosis including weighted kyphorthosis can improve balance in patients with osteoporosis.

Objectives The aim of the present study was to determine the effects of weighted kyphorthosis on improving dynamic balance tests and consequently reducing risk of fall in women with osteoporosis.

Methods In this Randomized controlled clinical trial, twenty three patients with osteoporosis were included. The patients were assigned into two groups: 1) control group who received 4-week home-based daily exercise program and 2) intervention group (weighted kyphorthosis) who performed exercises and wore weighted kyphorthosis for one hour twice a day. Patients were assessed using computerized balance tests by Balance Master (NeuroCom) (Limits of Stability, Step Quick Turn, Sit to Stand and Walk across tests) before and 4 weeks after start of treatment.

Results Speed in walk across test was improved significantly in both groups compared to baseline from (77.6±25 cm/s to 91.57±30 cm/s and from 72.60±20cm/s to 88.73±18 cm/s)in case and control groups respectively. Improvement in right turn time in step quick turn, end point excursion and mean of excursion parameters of Limits of Stability was more significant in orthosis group in comparison with control group (P<0.05).

Conclusions Applying WKO together with exercise program improved some computerized balance tests in women with osteoporosis.WKO can be suggested as an effective intervention in postmenopausal women in order to reduce the risk of falling.

Key words Osteoporosis, balance tests, Weighted KyphOrthoris, posture training support.

Disclosure of Interest None declared

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