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SP0173 The challenges of a small organization
  1. M Kosanovic
  1. Association of Rheumatic Diseases Patients of the Republic of Serbia (ORS), Belgrade, Serbia


When a group of citizens establishes a non-profit and a non-government organisation in our country, those volunteers are carried by great enthusiasm. At the beginning when founding an NGO the main problems are lack of experience and financial resources. Those deficiencies can be overcome by some other qualities such as the personal competencies of volunteers.

As NGOs are seen by the public rather critically in our country, our organization had to face several additional challenges. In my presentation I will illustrate the following aspects: the non-attractiveness of NGOs for volunteers, the lack of awareness how volunteering is important for a society, the lack of knowledge how to attract volunteers and how to manage them, the lack of knowledge how to define the volunteers' positions and how to monitor their work, the lack of their systemic, continuing education and the lack of rewards, recognition and appreciation to acknowledge the most dedicated volunteers.

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