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THU0551 Arthritis in sarcoidosis - a multi-centre study from india
  1. A Jain,
  2. V Agarwal,
  3. on behalf of Arthritis in Sarcoidosis Group (A.S.G.): Jain A, Agarwal Vikas, Agarwal Vinita, Aggarwal A, Aggarwal P, Chowdhury AC, Ghosh P, Lawrence A, Misra DP, Misra R, Mohapatra M, Nath A, Negi VS, Pandya SC, Reddy VV, Prasad S, Shobha V, Singh YP, Tripathy SR, Wakhlu A
  1. Clinical Immunology, SGPGIMS, Lucknow, India


Background 10–15% of sarcoid patients have associated arthropathy. Chronic arthritis is less common varying from 1–2% [1].Data on articular manifestations of the disease from India is sparse.[2]

Objectives To study the clinical manifestations of sarcoid arthritis patients from India.

Methods Case records of patients presenting to ten rheumatology centres from 2005 to 2016 with sarcoidosis were retrospectively reviewed. Joint involvement was assessed clinically, classified as acute or chronic depending on duration of symptoms lesser or greater than 6 months respectively.

Results A total of 103 patients with sarcoid arthritis were reviewed. 58 patients were classified as Lofgren syndrome. Pattern of joint involvement revealed ankle as most commonly affected in both the groups (Table1). Wrist, MTP and PIP involvement was significantly more common in chronic sarcoid arthritis (table 1). Peripheral lymphadenopathy, plaques and uveitis were more frequent (p<0.05) in chronic sarcoid arthritis (50%, 20.8%, 25% respectively) compared to those with acute sarcoid arthritis (16.5%,6.3%,6.4% respectively). 45 of 62 patients with acute arthritis with follow up details had achieved complete remission.15/24 patients with chronic sarcoid arthritis patients with a median follow up of 2 years had achieved complete remission with 14, 11 and 5 patients on steroids, methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine respectively. One patient with concomitant interstitial lung disease had died due to lung infection.

Table 1.

Clinical characteristics of patients with sarcoid arthritis from India

Conclusions Acute oligoarthritis was the commonest presentation with ankle most commonly affected joint. Wrist, PIP, MTP involvement were more common in chronic sarcoidosis. One of the limitation was retrospective analysis.


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  2. Govindarajan V, Agarwal V, Aggarwal A, Misra R. Arthritis in sarcoidosis. J. Assoc Physicians India. 2001;49:1145–7.


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