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THU0260 Low plasma concentrations of apolipoprotein m correlate to disease activity and endothelial dysfunction in sle
  1. A Bengtsson1,
  2. H Tydén1,
  3. C Lood1,
  4. B Gullstrand1,
  5. B Dahlbäck2,
  6. A Jönsen1
  1. 1Rheumatology, Institution of Clinical Sciences, Lund University, Lund
  2. 2Clinical Chemistry, Institution of Translational Medicine, Malmö, Sweden


Background ApoM is an antiatherogenic and vasculoprotective 25kDa apolipoprotein suggested to play a role in keeping endothelial barrier integrity.

Objectives The aims of the current study were to determine the impact of SLE disease activity on apoM levels and investigate if apoM levels reflect endothelial function in SLE.

Methods Plasma concentrations of apoM were measured with ELISA in two SLE cohorts, all patients fulfilling ≥4 American College of Rheumatology (ACR) classification criteria for SLE, and 100 healthy controls (HC). Patients in cohort I had active disease as evaluated with SLEDAI scores. In cohort II endothelial function was measured by EndoPAT 2000 and correlated to apoM levels. A low Reactive Hyperemia Index (RHI) value indicated endothelial dysfunction (ED).

Results In cohort I, the plasma levels of apoM were found to be significantly decreased in SLE (p<0.0001), and the apoM concentrations correlated inversely to disease activity (SLEDAI, r= -0.29, p=0.0063. ApoM was also significantly lower in patients with active nephritis, leukopenia, anti-DNA antibodies or rash compared to patients without these manifestations.

In cohort II, using linear regression analysis, there was a positive correlation between apoM levels and the RHI value, indicating endothelial dysfunction, in the younger SLE patients: β=0.94 CI 95% 0.22,1.65 r=0.32 p=0.011.

Conclusions SLE related inflammation may have an impact on lower plasma apoM, which may affect the endothelium and the process towards cardiovascular disease.

Disclosure of Interest None declared

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