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OP0279-PARE NRAS know your das app self assessment tool empowering patients
  1. CB Jacklin1,
  2. S Arora2
  1. 1External Affairs
  2. 2Media & Communications, National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society, Maidenhead, United Kingdom


Background NRAS has worked with Roche/Chugai for many years on the Know Your DAS resources. As the DAS28 is the most utilised disease measuring tool available and is used in many countries as part of the access criteria

Objectives In 2015 the charity was approached about developing an app for mobile phone and tablet use to encourage DAS patient self-assessment. As well as developing the app we worked with the pharmaceutical company to develop printed updated booklets for both patients and health professionals with the addition of information on DAS self-assessment contained within. With increasing pressures on rheumatology clinic time and the emphasis on improving patient education and empowerment this additional NRAS resource is timely and much in demand.

Methods The Know Your Das app was designed with clear step by step guides and how to video clips to demonstrate how to use the app and show how patients should examine their own joints.

NRAS hosted two user testing focus group meetings and after the launch of version one real time use was analysed. In Jan 2017 version two was released with improvements to the usability and additions including sections on adherence and stock management to aid with prescription refills.

The information entered is held securely by the individual but the DAS results can be printed off or emailed to their clinicians as appropriate. It is not envisaged that the patients' self-assessment should entirely replace the clinicians' DAS measurements but that it will facilitate a better dialogue at clinic appointments as it will give a clearer picture of how the disease has been active or not in the intervening time between appointments.

Results As of January 2017, 2217 people have downloaded the Know your DAS app and much interest has been shown by users from outside the UK who would like to be able to use the app. Clinicians are keen to utilise the app with their patients

Conclusions Further research needs to be carried out to compare patients adherence, engagement with their clinicians and ownership of their disease managment as a direct result of using the Know Your DAS app.

Acknowledgements Roche/Chugai Pharmaceuticals for their funding and development of this resource

Disclosure of Interest C. Jacklin Grant/research support from: Roche/Chugai Pharmaceuticals, S. Arora: None declared

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