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AB1253-PARE Kid's get arthritis too - expansion of target groups
  1. M Ekroth
  1. The Finnish Rheumatism Association, Helsinki, Finland


Background The Finnish Rheumatism Association is generally perceived as a very strong alliance of older people. However in Finland there are more than 2000 children and youth suffering JIA and around 250 new ones get diagnosis yearly. Children will have their whole lives ahead with rheumatic disease, so they and their families also need information, support and friends.

Objectives Support children and families living with JIA in different ways

To provide the accurate and latest information on JIA

Get in touch with families, understand what their needs are, provide them with the correct information and promote their interests

Bring new energy into the families' challenging lives affected by illness

Build a supporting network for the families and increase mental well-being

Rejuvenate the brand of our association

Methods Ordered international top photographer to photograph the JIA children and families. Created an entirely new high-quality imagery and expression to all Rheumatism Association children communications.

Created the “Puppana” bunny soft toy and the mascot costume.

Have the rheumatism-week campaign: Kids Get Arthritis Too: one week nation wide big radio campaign with a child's voice, a poster campaign in hospitals, our local associations and public spaces.

First aid packet with information of JIA, some toys, and the Puppana mascot. Packets were delivered to all Finnish hospitals, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis units. The rheumatologist gives a packet for a child who receives a diagnosis.

Introduced the action program of two annual nationwide large children's events Joy of Life.

New juvenile rheumatoid arthritis sites for children and families on our new website.

Support the activities of local associations directed for children and families.

Create a new web portal support activities “”.

International Trials Organisation) in co-operation. Translated into Finnish and added to the new websitewhere we built ABC for JIA.

Results The brand of the Finnish Rheumatism Association has become more modern and wider.

People have experienced an eye opening campaign, the children suffer from rheumatism–arthritis can be a disease at all ages

Families with children have been reached more, they have joined our social media groups, the event attracted more than 250 children and their families, new families with children have joined the association, some of the local association has begun to organize groups of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

Fund-raising, it was very easy to find sponsors for children activities and it also helped in common fundraising.

Children suffering from rheumatoid have experienced a positive campaign, it feels better when people's attitudes change, and no longer think that they're suffering from “a disease of the elderly”.

Cooperation with arthritis professionals has intensified and improved. Their want to do more co-operation and they guide patients to more actively explore the Finnish Rheumatism Association activities.

Conclusions Operation for JIA children and their families are needed.

Children's powerful vision of the activities have a positive impact on the brand and fundraising organization

The positivity of this type of cooperation with arthritis professionals to approximate intervals and supported by more co-operation

It's relatively easy to receive sponsor funds for the development of children's activities

Children and families inclusion will bring new energy and confidence in the future among local associations

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