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PARE0013 Behind the smile - ra awareness videos - raising awareness of the hidden impact of rheumatoid arthritis
  1. CB Jacklin,
  2. D Saunders
  1. External Affairs, National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society, Maidenhead, United Kingdom


Background NRAS was approached by Lilly Pharmaceuticals to contribute to the design and production of a series of videos to raise awareness of the hidden impact of rheumatoid arthritis. As this clearly met the charity's own objectives of raising awareness to a variety of audiences NRAS gladly collaborated on this project.

Objectives The key aim of developing these resources to be utilised in European countries was to raise awareness of the impact of RA on daily life to 1) the general public, 2) clinicians, 3) payers, 4) industry and 5) people living with RA and their families. The challenge was to capture, in a two minute video, key messages that would resonate with all these stakeholders.

Methods NRAS worked with a PR agency to develop an appropriate script for the main Behind the Smile resource. The main character, Jane, who lives with RA, was to be in her mid 30s – to represent that RA is not associated with ageing; a school teacher – to represent that working is more than just a job for her and that she is a valued contributor to society; and a daughter, wife and mother – to represent how many other people depend on her and that she has commitments to.

We filmed with the support of Donna Saunders, NRAS Member & Volunteer, on hand to comment and ensure authenticity of how the actress moved and dealt with every day activities. The final scene shows the character of Jane attending her clinic appointment with her rheumatologist and even then putting on a brave face and hiding behind the smile of the typical response “I'm fine”.

In addition, Donna who lives with RA, was filmed giving her personal comments on the awareness film and insights into her personal struggles. Finally, Prof. Iain McInnes, was filmed giving the clinicians perspective and offering advice as to how health care professionals need to keep at the forefront of their minds that patients are people and to be truly effective as physicians they should always make the time to open the dialogue on how the individual is truly “feeling”

Results The films were released on World Arthritis Day 2016 via Lilly and NRAS social media channels in the UK. To date the “Jane” clip has been viewed in access of 200,000 times. The feedback from patients has been overwhelmingly that it has truly captured their “story”. Physicians and industry staff have been left speechless and moved by the emotive film. NRAS and Lilly continue to utilise the films at health care professional training, staff and patient events.

Conclusions Plans for 2017 is to develop more similar awareness raising videos as it is evident that using social media with video has impact and reach.

Acknowledgements Acknowledge the support of Lilly Pharmaceuticals for the funding to develop these resources. The invaluable support of Prof.Iain McInnes and patient Donna Saunders

Disclosure of Interest C. Jacklin Grant/research support from: Lilly Pharmaceuticals, D. Saunders: None declared

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