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AB1220-HPR The level of adherence of rheumatology patients in slovenia
  1. D Stanković,
  2. M Pavic Nikolic,
  3. A Hočevar
  1. Department of Rhematology, University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Background Patient adherence is one of the central factors associated with the control of patient's symptoms, good functional ability and longevity. Health care professionals have significant role in their daily practice to improve the adherence to medications.

Objectives We aimed to assess the adherence of patients treated at our secondary/tertiary rheumatology center.

Methods Data were collected in a prospective manner. We investigated the level of self-reported adherence to treatment in 115 consecutive patients (81 women; mean age (SD) of 56.5±14.7 years) with systemic inflammatory diseases in December 2016. We used the 19-item questionnaire-Compliance-Rheumatology (CQR).

Results We found optimal adherence in 52% of patients: the average (SD) adherence rate was 71.1±9.42. We didn't find any significant differences between adherent and nonadherent patients regarding patient age, gender, the diagnosis of rheumatic disease and disease duration time, however, patients with higher education level (at least graduate level) were more compliant than those without any formal education (p=0.006). In addition there was no association between adherence and the type of medication (csDMARD, bDMARD) (p=0.39). Patient data are presented in the table 1.

Table 1.

The adherence according to the patient diagnosis

Conclusions Our study showed lower adherence rate than expected. To improve patient adherence we should work more in the future on providing additional knowledge and support to patients.

Acknowledgements Special thanks to our colleagues Tadeja Šušteršič and Albina Stanovnik.

Disclosure of Interest None declared

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