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AB1154 Characterization of chilean patients with pulmonary disease associated to a rheumatologic diagnosis in an integrated polyclinic. hospital padre hurtado experience
  1. O Valenzuela1,
  2. V Agar1,
  3. JP Leiva2,
  4. I Allende2,
  5. G Bozzano2,
  6. G Miranda3,
  7. SE Ibáñez Vodnizza1
  1. 1Rheumatology department, Clinica Alemana de Santiago/Hospital Padre Hurtado
  2. 2Facultad de Medicina Clinica Alemana de Santiago - Universidad del Desarrollo
  3. 3Hospital Padre Hurtado, Santiago, RM, Chile


Background Pulmonary diseases associated to a rheumatologic condition constitute a heterogeneous group of pathologies that are grouped according to their clinical and radiological similarity. There is a perception that the incidence of these diseases has been increasing, however, in Chile, there are no up-to-date publications regarding the characteristics of this group of patients.

Objectives To describe and characterize patients with pulmonary disease associated to a rheumatologic diagnosis at Hospital Padre Hurtado, Chile, between the years 2014 and 2016.

Methods Patients with suspected lung involvement associated to a connective tissue disease were evaluated by a bronchopulmonar specialist and a rheumatologist in a joint polyclinic. If the diagnosis was confirmed by the specialist the patient was included in the database. Data collected included age, gender, rheumatologic diagnosis and radiological pattern.

Results 76 patients were included. 85.5% were female. The mean age was 58 years. Eighty-nine percent of the patients came from the Rheumatology department. These patients developed respiratory symptoms during the course of their disease. The remaining 11% were patients controlled in the Pulmonary diseases department, and the respiratory symptoms were the first manifestation of their conective tissue disease.The rheumatologic diagnoses that were concluded in this multidisciplinary polyclinic were distributed as described in Table 1.

69.7% of the patients have completed the radiological evaluation (Table 2).

Table 1.

Rheumatologic diagnosis of 76 patients

Table 2.

Radiological evaluation of 53 patients

Conclusions Having a multidisciplinary clinical unit allowed us to order and protocolize the study, follow-up and treatment of the patients with lung involvement associated with a connective tissue disease. Currently, the multidisciplinary management of these patients is indispensable, as described in the literature.

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