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AB0980 Epidemiological profile of the pulmonary diseases in mixed connective tissue disease: about 55 cases
  1. R Amri1,
  2. I Mejri1,
  3. H Sahli2,
  4. A Mahfoudhi1,
  5. I Ben Ahmed1,
  6. R Jazi1
  1. 1Internal Departement
  2. 2Rheumatology Departement, Mohamed Taher Maamouri University Hospital, nabeul, Tunisia


Background Mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD) are a systematic autoimmune disease that the aetiopathogeny remains misunderstood. This disease is often associated with systemic involvement which sometimes is very serious, such as pulmonary diseases.

Objectives To describe the characteristics of the pulmonary diseases among a sample of MCTD.

Methods We conducted a retrospective study including patient's cases diagnosed with a MCTD between the period of 10 years in the departement of internal medicine. The demographic, clinical, treated in the immunological, biological and radiological data were collected then analysed.

Results In total we had 55 patients. 87% of them were female. The mean age of the sample was 50, 64±15 years. Major types of MCTD were: Rheumatoid polyarthritis (45.5%), sarcoidosis (18.2%), scleroderma (12.7%), and the lupus erythematosus (10. 9%). These causes were diagnosed after a mean delay of 686, 18 days. A lung disease was found in 50.9% of the cases. It was either present without symptoms in 52.8% of the cases or revealed by dyspnoea (22.6%), a cough (18.9%)or hemoptysie isolated or associated to thoracic pains (1.9% each).The most frequent type of respiratory diseases were adenopathies (26.9%). Pleurisy, fibrosis, and interstitial lung diseases were described among 11.5% of the cases. Bronchiectasis, Lung arterial high blood pressure, pleural nodules, bronchi dilatation were reported in 7.7%. In only 3.8% we had patients with cancer and emphysema. Chest radiographs were normal in 65.5% of the cases but we discovered interstitial lung diseases (12.7%), pleurisy (7.3%), pleural nodule and mediastinal enlargement (3.6%) and pneumopathy (1.8%). The same appearences were described in the CT scann normal in 18.5% but in different proportions: adenopathies (25.9%), interstitial lung abnormalities (14.8%), fibrosis (11.1%), bronchiectasis (7,4%) and bronchi dilatation, pleurisy, nodule and mediastinal enlargement (3.7%). Respiratory functional exploration were normal in 69.2% obstructive lung disease and restrictive pulmonary disease were found within 11.5% of the patients.

Conclusions Improvement of the knowledge of these diseases will improve the care before the appearance of complications.

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