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AB0936 Flexibility and strength of the trunk in chronic low back pain two years after a functional restoration program
  1. R Maaoui1 1,
  2. S Zrida1,
  3. I Ksibi1,
  4. N Mouhli1,
  5. H Rahali1,
  6. M Sghir2,
  7. W Kossomtini2
  1. 1Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, military hospital Tunis, tunis
  2. 2Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, regional hospital Tahar Sfar of Mahdia, Mahdia, Tunisia


Background Low-back pain affects significatively the flexibility and the muscular strength of the trunk. It was demonstrated in literature the positive effect of restoration programs in these parameters at short-term evaluation.

Objectives Evaluate the flexibility and the muscular strength and endurance of the trunk two years after a functional restoration program

Methods Prospective study on patients with low back pain evaluated before, at the end of the restoration program and two years later. We have evaluated the following parameters: trunk flexibility by use of the Schöber index and the finger–ground distance test (FGD), hamstring flexibility by measurement of the thigh-leg (TL) angle, back flexor and back extensor endurance, assessed with the Shirado test and the Sorensen test, respectively.

Results Thirty patients were evaluated. Initially, the results reported decreased flexibility: 53% with FGD >15.53 cm; 37% with the thigh-leg (TL) angle >15° and decreased muscle endurance: Schirado 30.26±29.662s; Sorensen 26.3860±18.5208s. The short-term efficacy of the program showed significatively improvement in all parameters (p=0,01). However, this improvement decreased 2 years later but it remains significant. This loss can be attributed to the fact that 70% of patients abandoned self-rehabilitation exercises

Conclusions The restoration program seems to have good effect in short and long term evaluations in the flexibility and muscular strength of the trunk.

Disclosure of Interest None declared

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