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AB0927 Reliability and validity of turkish version of fibromyalgia participation questionnaire
  1. L Altan1,
  2. R Çeliker2,
  3. I Ercan3,
  4. M Birtane4,
  5. K Akgün5,
  6. C Zateri6,
  7. N Taştekin7,
  8. A Rezvani8,
  9. I Aktaş9,
  10. S Özdolap10,
  11. E Dursun11,
  12. N Dursun11,
  13. S Sarıkaya10
  1. 1Physical Medicine and rehabilitation, Uludağ University Medical Faculty, Bursa
  2. 2Physical Medicine and rehabilitation, Acibadem University, Faculty of Medicine, Istanbil
  3. 3Uludağ University Medical Faculty, Bursa
  4. 4Trakya University, Faculty of Medicine, Edirne
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  10. 10Physical Medicine and rehabilitation, Bulent Ecevit University, Faculty of Medicine, Zonguldak
  11. 11Physical Medicine and rehabilitation, Kocaeli University, Faculty of Medicine, Kocaeli, Turkey


Background Fibromyalgia (FMS) is a chronic health problem characterized by a wide range of physical and psychological symptoms. There are few high-quality instruments to evaluate the participation and social functioning of fibromyalgia patients. Farin et al. designed the Fibromyalgia Participation Questionnaire (FPQ) as an instrument for measuring the participation and social functioning of FMS patients. The original version of FPQ has been demonstrated to have acceptable internal consistency, reliability and criterion validity.

Objectives To test reliability and validity of Turkish version of Fibromyalgia Participation Questionnaire (FPQ-T)

Methods One hundred and eighty-four female fibromyalgia syndrome patients were included in the study. All patients filled FPQ-Turkish (FPQ-T) questionnaire which was obtained by translation from German according to the guideline for the cross-cultural adaptation process.

The patients filled the revised Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire (FIQ) and reevaluated FPQ-T two hours later. Internal consistency reliability of FPQ-T was assessed by calculating “if item deleted” using Cronbach alpha and “item-total correction” coefficient for each item of the questionnaire. Consistency of sub-scales and correlation of test-retest values were assessed. Test-retest values were compared using Wilcoxon test. Criterion validity was measured using FIQ scales by Spearman's rho correlation coefficient.

Results For internal reliability, Cronbach alpha coefficient was calculated as 0.957 for non-working and 0.958 for working patients. Cronbach alpha values of 0.939, 0.871, and 0.914 were obtained for daily, social, and work life, respectively. Correlation coefficients were 0.888 for daily life, 0.859 for social life, and overall 0.901 in non-working group versus 0.896 in working group. Comparison of scores obtained from test-retest measurements showed no significant difference except for Item-3. Correlation of symptom severity score (SSS) and FPQ-T were r=0.385 (p<0.001) and r=0.390 (p<0.001) for the non-working and working sub-groups, respectively. Construct validity evaluation showed significant correlation between SSS and FPQ-T.

Conclusions The results of our study showed that FPQ-T is reliable and valid for assessing participation and social functioning in fibromyalgia patients in our society.


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