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AB0877 Application of gout diary in health education of gout patients
  1. H Miao,
  2. L Zhang,
  3. G Zhang,
  4. K Xu
  1. Rheumatology, Shanxi dayi hospital, Taiyuan, China


Background Gout is a heterogeneous disease characterized by increased levels of blood uric acid. It is difficult to achieve a comprehensive and effective control of gout only by drugs, drug therapy must be combined with health education, diet and lifestyle changes. However, most of the gout patients had wrong thinking about their disease, diet and drug therapy.The status of China's health education in gout patients:the research teams were dispersed and unstable, the content of health education needed to be further refined, the models of health education were very simple.Based on the traditional models of health education,the purpose of this study is to explore the effect of gout diary in gout patients, by recording gout diary in order to improve their daily life behaviors and related laboratory indexes,aim to provide a new method for health education of gout patients.

Objectives In order to explore the effect of gout diary,we applied the gout diary in gout patients.

Methods From January 2015 to December 2015,110 cases of gout hospitalized patients were randomly divided into study group and control group (n=55).The control group used traditional education models:patient education forum,gout handbook,patient group discussion,etc.Based on the control group,the research group used not only the traditional education models,but also added gout diary,the patient can record the diary by themselves.In order to evaluate the effect of gout diary,we used questionnaires and related laboratory indexes.

Results The research group had significant improvement in laboratory indexes,healthy behaviors and life style (P<0.05),such as quit smoking, quit drinking, according to the doctors' suggestions, pay more attention to their blood uric acid and other laboratory indexes, see the doctor regularly, maintain ideal body weight,exercise regularly,working and resting regularly,keeping happy mood.

Conclusions Apply the gout diary in gout patients, we can achieve a perfect effect.


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