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AB0846 Osteoporosis and atherosclerosis - alternative or coexistence
  1. L Lagvilava
  1. Rheumatology, Clinic “ Consilium Medulla”, Tiblisi, Georgia


Background The majority of scientific research data promote the idea that OP and Atherosclerosis are inter-connected via OPG system. Scientists have speculation that OPG is the molecular bond between artery hardening and bone resorbtion. Thus the mechanism explained above makes obvious the co-existence of two: Artery hardening and Osteoporosis.

Objectives There are number of ongoing Clinical trials on Denosumab therapy in patients with diagnosis of Osteoporosis and Atherosclerosis. The increase of Bone mineral density is associated with less intensive hardening of arteries. This fact inspired us to study bone mass in patients with cardiovascular events and atherosclerosis.

Methods 1675 men, age range 38–78 years, mean age 59±4.3 Disease duration 6,4±1,75 with the diagnosis of Atherosclerosis (revealed on coronarography, assessed lipid profile).At the moment of research Stabile Angina Pectoris (Stable Angina) found in 20% (335); unstable angina non S-T elevation in 48% (804); - Myocardial Infarction 32% (536) Bone Mass was assessed by DXA Absorbtiometry technique (Hologic 1000) using T and Z Scores (WHO 1994). As a control group 680 healthy Georgian men 40–70 age range were assessed.

Results Men having atherosclerosis are rather predisposed to Osteoporosis than health individuals.In Atherosclerosis subgroup normal bone mass was measured in 23% (385.25 patients) of patients; Osteopenia was diagnosed in 19% (315.25 patients), Osteoporosis was detected in 58% (971.5%) according to T-Score SD BMD records are shown in table 1.

Table 1

Conclusions 1.According to our research more than 50% of men with verified Atherosclerosis are diagnosed to have Osteoporosis 2.The lowest BMD values were observed in Lumbar Spine L1-L4, indicating that trabecular bone is more deteriorated than cortical 3.Correlation between T Score values and clinical forms of Atherosclerosis were not observed 4. The best understanding of interrelations of mechanisms could point out the right direction for the simultaneous therapy against both targets – Osteoporosis and Atherosclerosis 5. Therefore the expectation of establishing novelty direction among other subtypes of the Medical Specialties as a Preventive Gerontology can be realistic

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