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AB0823 Evaluation of osteoporosis and fractures in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2: results of a 5-year follow-up
  1. VL Masenko1,
  2. AN Kokov1,
  3. SE Semenov1,
  4. TA Raskina2,
  5. OL Barbarash1
  1. 1Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution Research Institute for Complex Issues of Cardiovascular Diseases
  2. 2Kemerovo state medical academy of Federal Agency of Healthcare and Social Development, Kemerovo, Russian Federation


Objectives The aim of the study is to determine the characteristics of bone mineral density (BMD) and the the prevalence of fractures of the vertebral fractures and long bones in men with diabetes mellitus type 2 on the basis of 5-year prospective study.

Methods 251 males (60.56±8.7years) were examined. The patients were divided into 2 groups: patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (n=65) and patients without disorder of carbohydrate metabolism (n=186). All patients underwent DXA-definition of BMD (g/cm2), T-score of the spine and bones of the femur. Dynamic observation for 5 years and the determination of vertebral fractures and long bones.

Results BMD measured in lumbar spine and proximal femur were analyzed. According DXA BMD of femur in patients with diabetes is significantly higher than that of non-diabetics (0,928 [0,847;1,029]; 0,858 [0,779 0,928]; p=0,000005). T-score is also higher in diabetics (-1,47 [-2,12;-0,63]; -2,01 [-2,71;-1,49]; p=0,000020). BMD and T-score of the lumbar vertebrae in diabetic patients was also is significantly higher: BMD (Group I =1,002 [0,902;1,182]; Group II =0,969 [0,879;1,106]; p=0,008). T-score (-0,94 [-1,43; -0,05]; -1,07 [-1,54; -0,40]; p=0,014). After 5 years, spine or long bones fractures marked in 12 patients (18%) from I group. In Group II was observed only 5 episodes of bone fracture (2.6%).

Conclusions BMD in men with diabetes are higher, but they often develop bone fractures. Perhaps this is due to pathological remodeling of bone tissue on a background of metabolic disorders, when bone is more dense, but fragile.

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