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AB0715 Differences in the co-morbidities described from spondyloarthritis patients with or without concomitant fibromyalgia
  1. E Roussou,
  2. M Karela,
  3. A Georgiou
  1. Rheumatology, Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, London, United Kingdom


Objectives To assess the differences in the occurrence of co-morbidities from cardiovascular, respiratory, renal/urological and Central nervous systems (CNS) between patients with spondyloarthritis (SpA) not having headache as presenting symptom and those having headache assuming that those describing headache represent secondary (s) fibromyalgia (FM). (previous submitted abstract provides justification on headache as presenting symptom associated with secondary sFM).

Methods Data obtained through a questionnaire from 776 patients seen in clinic with SpA was analysed with reference to headache as symptom at presentation. From the total 776 patients 13 patients did not record an answer to the question and were hence excluded. The remaining 763 patients were divided in 2 groups: Those having headache at presentation (n=117) considered having sFM, and those not having headache at presentation (n=656).

The data of patients with sFM were compared with the data of patients who did not report headache as a presentation symptom therefore not having FM with regards to age, disease duration, delay in diagnosis, disease activity (BASDAI) functional ability (BASFI), ESR, CRP and associated co morbidities from cardiovascular, respiratory, renal/urinary, and CNS systems. Central nervous system was evaluated by symptoms of dizziness and numbness.

Independent sample T test was used to explore differences between the 2 groups and confidence intervals obtained.

Results Table shows demographics and disease characteristics as well as differences between SpA patients presenting with headache (indicating secondary FM), and those not presenting with headache. A greater proportion of patients with SpA and headache (sFM) report cardiovascular and CNS co-morbidities. There was no significant difference noted in the respiratory or renal/ urological co-morbidities amongst the 2 sub-groups.

Conclusions A significantly higher proportion of patients described cardiovascular and CNS co-morbidities in the sFM group of SpA. No significant difference was noted in the 2 sub-groups with regards to the respiratory or renal systems.

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