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AB0704 Hip arthroplasty in patients with ankylosing spondylitis - clinical and functional efficiency
  1. S Lapshina1,1,
  2. I Akhtyamov1,2,
  3. I Gilmutdinov2,
  4. L Myasoutova1
  1. 1Kazan State Medical University
  2. 2Republic Clinical Hospital, Kazan, Russian Federation


Objectives To evaluate the results of the hip joints replacement in patients with SpA under the dynamic supervision of a rheumatologist and orthopedic within the first year after the operation.

Methods As part of special program for rheumatology patients hip endoprosthesis was done in 12 patients (mean age - 44,2±15,3 years) with SpA, 8 of them with ankylosing spondylitis (AS) and 4 with psoriatic arthritis (PsA). Duration of the disease - 13,3±7,9 years, positive for HLA B27 in 9 (75%) patients. High activity for ASDAS was at 58.3% of the patients. Took NSAIDs at the time of the operation - 11 (91.6%) patients, sulfasalazine 5 (41.6%), methotrexate- 2 (16.7%). 1 (8.3%) patient received etanercept,1 (8.3%) patient - infliximab. Dynamic observation of rheumatologist and orthopedic was carried out before, just after surgery, after 6 and 12 months, with the assessment of VAS, BASDAI, ASDAS, BASFI.

Results The reduction of pain intensity on the VAS was observed in the first month after the surgery (47,3±18,6 mm), initially it was 74,0±24,1 mm, 42.5±9 after 6 months (p<0.05), after 12 months - up to 22,5±9,9 mm (p<0.05). ASDAS significantly (p<0.05) reduced from 2,94±2,01 to 1,68±1,35 - in 6 months and 1,26±0,88 - 12 months after operation; BASDAI: from 6,24±3,91 to 2,75±2,20 - 6 months, 2,65±1,53 at 1 year follow-up. BASFI index before surgery - 5,48±3,29, 6 months - 2,78±2,31, 1 year - 2,32±1,60 points. No complications after surgery were registered.

Conclusions Hip joints endoprosthesis in patients with SpA is effective not only in improving functional ability and pain relief, but also a reduction of disease activity. Dynamic rheumatologist observation in perioperative period leads to positive dynamics in relation to the activity of SpA and quality of life of patients during the first year after surgery

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