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AB0565 Insufficient influenza vaccination coverage in giant cell arteritis. a french population-based study
  1. G Pugnet1,
  2. M Lapeyre-Mestre2,
  3. M Mounie2,
  4. G Moulis1,
  5. L Sailler1
  1. 1Service de Médecine Interne, CHU Toulouse Purpan
  2. 2INSERM UMR 1027, Toulouse, France


Background French general health insurance scheme has implemented a national influenza vaccination program, including full refund for those 65 years old or more. Despite this program, only 62.6 to 71% of people aged over 65 years are vaccinated and no data are available regarding influenza vaccination coverage (IVC) in GCA.

Objectives To evaluate the rate and the factors associated with seasonal influenza vaccination coverage in incident giant cell arteritis (GCA) patients compared with controls.

Methods Using the French National Health Insurance system (SNIIRAM), we included patients with incident GCA from the Midi-Pyrenees region, southern France, and randomly selected 6 controls matched by sex and age at calendar date from January 2005 to December 2008 and followed them till April 2011. The vaccination rate was estimated from vaccine dispensation registered in the SNIIRAM. IVC was compared between GCA and their controls using longitudinal multivariate Poisson regression.

Results Eighty-seven incident GCA patients over 65 years of age and 509 in the control group were included. Mean follow-up was 4.4±1.2 and 4.2±1.2 years, respectively. During the yearly influenza campaigns from 2005–2006 to 2010–2011, the IVC rates in the GCA group and the control group ranged from 60.8 to 74.7% vs 56.6 to 70.4%, respectively. Incident GCA influenza vaccination rate was 20% higher than controls (RR=1.20; IC 1.09 to 1.32, P<0.001) (Table 1).

Conclusions Rates of recommended influenza vaccinations are insufficient in GCA patients over 65 years. More attention should be paid for appropriate vaccination during GCA course.

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