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AB0425 Treatment of patients with rheumatoid arthritis in poland - estimate the frequency of use of methotrexate during a random appointment with a rheumatologist
  1. K Sikorska-Siudek1,
  2. M Przygodzka1,
  3. R Radomski2,
  4. S Bojanowski2
  1. 1Mazovian Centre of Rheumatology and Osteoporosis
  2., Warsaw, Poland


Background In accordance with the EULAR/ACR reomendations disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs), particulary metotrexate (Mtx) should be applied after diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The goal of the treatment is to get remission/low disease activity

Objectives The aim of this study was evaluation of the RA treatment, the frequency of use of Mtx and its dose application during control visits to rheumatologist in Poland. The disease activity was evaluated by using disease activity 28 joint score (DAS-28).

Results There were analysed 301 case records of patients diagnosed with RA on the basis of the ACR 1997 and/or ACR/EULAR 2010 criteria. Patients recently diagnosed were excluded from analysis. In the examined group were 226 women and 75 men, median age 58.0, disease duration 5.0 Patients were divided in groups depending on the type of applied therapy 215 (71%) patients were treated with Mtx monotherapy or combined with other DMARDs. 161 patients (53%) took glucocorticosteroids simultaneously. Average DAS28 – 5.09, disease duration 6.2 At 18 patients (6%) contraindications against the Mtx were stated. 127 patients (59%) took high dosage of Mtx (20–30 mg/week), 84 (39%) low dosage (7.5–15 mg /week) 31 patients (10%) were treated other than Mtx DMARDs in monotherapy or in combined therapy 14 (45%) took glucocorticosteroids simultaneously, average DAS 28 – 4.82, disease duration 5.0 55 (18%) patients didn't undergo treatment of DMARDs in the moment of analysis, 11 (20%) patients underwent treatment with glucocorticosteroids. Duration of disease 2.1 average DAS 28 5,43.

Conclusions In patients treated with DMARDs in it also with Mtx a remission and/or a low activity of illness weren't being observed what is indicating for the ineffective treatment with RA.

Mtx wasn't applied in recommended doses in spite of the moderate or high activity of illness

There were patients who never had been treated with DMARDs. Causes of this occurrence require further research

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