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AB0361 Body composition and physical activity in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (AR)
  1. S Manrique-Arija,
  2. N Mena-Vazquez,
  3. M Rojas-Giménez,
  4. C Fuego,
  5. S Abad-Sanchez,
  6. I Ureña-Garnica,
  7. C Domic,
  8. FG Jiménez-Núñez,
  9. MC Ordoñez-Cañizares,
  10. R Caparros-Ruiz,
  11. L Cano-Garcia,
  12. A Belmonte,
  13. B Panero-Lamothe,
  14. A Fernandez-Nebro
  1. Department of Rheumatology at the University Regional Hospital of Malaga (HRUM). Institute for Biomedical Research in Malaga (IBIMA). Malaga University., Malaga, Spain


Objectives To describe the body composition and physical activity of patients with RA

Methods Design: Observational case-control study. Population: 31 consecutive RA-patients (ACR/EULAR 2010 criteria) selected from a prospective inception cohort (diagnosis of RA between 2005 and 2012),and 31 sex and age-matched voluntary controls.Protocol: We included 62 subjects who were assessed using dual-body X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) for the assessment of body composition at study entry. Data on clinical activity were also collected from the onset of the disease.The level of physical activity was assessed according to the abbreviated protocol of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ). Main outcome: Fat mass index (FMI) and fat free mass index (FFMI).FMI was defined as fat mass (kg)/ height (m2) and FFMI as lean mass (kg)/height (m2).Secondary outcome: description of the anthropometric parameters:BMI (body mass index),waist-hip index. Variables: Demographic, treatment, clinical-analytical variables: Disease Activity Score of 28 joints (DAS28-ESR), Clinical Disease Activity Index (CDAI) and Simplified Disease Activity Index (SDAI);Anti–cyclic citrullinated peptide (ACPA), Rheumatoid factor (RF),Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ)and erosions.BMI was categorized according to the OMS classification. Waist- hip index (central obesity>1 for men and>0.8 for women). Statistical analysis: Descriptive and paired T-test or ranks test and Wilcoxon signed rank,as required

Results We included 62 subjects,31 RA (50%) and 31 controls (50%).The mean duration of the disease of RA patients was 84.4 months. With a DAS28 mean of 3.04 (0.8), mean HAQ of 0.77 (0.6). The majority presented erosions (64.5%) RF (83.9%) and ACPA (77.4%) positive. Differences in clinical and densitometric anthropometric parameters between cases and controls are shown in Table 1. Significant differences were observed in the proportion of overweight subjects between cases and controls (p=0.03). A higher percentage of controls had moderate to high physical activity compared with the patients (65.5% vs 34.8%). The majority of patients with RApatients had low physical activity (74.2%).These had a mean (SD) of HAQ higher than patients with moderate-high physical activity [1.2 (0.9) vs 0.66 (0.6); p=0.09].Finally, patients performing moderate-high physical activity had less inflammatory activity than those performing low physical activity,with a DAS28 mean of 2.69 (0.7) vs 3.08 (0.9) ;p=0.308, respectively

Conclusions Patients with RA compared to controls show more overweight and less physical activity

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