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AB0243 Serum levels of angiogenic and proinflammatory cytokines to discriminate between 6 sets of remission criteria in ra
  1. J García Ramírez,
  2. A Cuervo,
  3. R Celis,
  4. V Ruiz-Esquide,
  5. MV Hernández,
  6. R Sanmartí,
  7. JD Cañete
  1. Rheumatology, Hospital Clínic, Barcelona, Spain


Background The ideal definition of remission in RA remains to be agreed. Angiogenic factors and proinflammatory cytokines are key in RA pathogenesis.

Objectives The aim of this study was to analyse serum levels differences of angiogenic and inflammatory biomarkers between SDAI, CDAI, ACR, DAS28 and sonographic remission in patients with (RA).

Methods We selected patients with RA in clinical remission (DAS28-ESR<2.6 for >6 months). PDUS of knees and hands was performed. Serum levels of biomarkers of inflammation/angiogenesis were determined by Quantibody® Human Array. Patients were classified according to 6 sets of remission criteria: SDAI (<3.3), CDAI (<2.8), ACR, DAS28-ESR (<2.6), Doppler (score Doppler=0) and UdAS (ultrasound defined active synovitis:no joints with SH≥2+PD)

Results 60 patients with RA were collected. 76% female, aged (mean) 53 years; disease duration 110 months. 47 (76%) csDMARDs, and 27 (45%) biological therapies. At baseline, 67% of patients had PD signal and 48% fulfilled criteria for previously defined UdAS. Although patients in sonographic remission had lower levels of inflammatory biomarkers such as IL-6, IL-17 or IL-23, no significant differences were found between the 6 sets of remission criteria. Angiogenic biomarkers such as CXCL6 (0.039), ENA78 (0.007), SDF1 (0.047) and VEGF-R1 (0.025) were significantly lower in patients fulfilling CDAI remission. Patients with no PD signal (0.009) and no UdAS (0.006) had significantly lower levels of bFGF.

Conclusions RA patients in CDAI remission had significantly-lower levels of angiogenic cytokines. However, no differences in serum levels of proinflammatory cytokines were found between the 6 sets of remission criteria.

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