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SP0044 Screening for comorbidities in daily practice: who and how?
  1. L Gossec
  1. Paris 06 University, Pitié-Salpétrière Hospital, Paris, France


Comorbidities are frequent in RMDs, as in many other chronic diseases. In inflammatory rheumatic diseases, the most frequent comorbidities are cardio-vascular diseases, depression, infections and cancers. Some of these diseases are more frequent than in persons without RMDs, some are not more frequent but are more often under-assessed and under-treated. These comorbidities and their risk factors need to be screened for. Screening in daily practice is not so simple since it necessitates time, physician expertise and patient cooperation. In this talk, we will address recent recommendations on how to screen for comorbidities, how often and in which setting this should be performed, and the respective roles in screening of rheumatologists, rheumatology nurses and persons with RMDs.

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