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SP0041 Current needs for rehabilitation
  1. M Björk
  1. Department of social and welfare studies, Linköping University, Norrköping, Sweden


New biological medications and earlier multi professional interventions have led to a reduction in the extent of disability for patients with rheumatic diseases. However disability still remains a key problem for many patients and patients may experience participation restrictions even though they are achieving ”remission”. To be able to engage in the things we want or need to do is crucial to our health and sometimes a challenge to meet for health professionals. Also, there is an on going discussion of whether today's patients have new rehabilitation needs and if they are met by the health care. This session summarizes both qualitative and quantitative evidence of the disability in today's patients with arthritis. It will further discuss the current needs of rehabilitation in today's patient in relation to existing standards and guidelines. Rehabilitation interventions and patient reported strategies in relation to pain, fatigue and affected activity balance will be highlighted since they are common disabilities among today's patients.

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