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SAT0514 Effectiveness of Abdominal Core Stabilization Exercises in Patients with Low Back Pain. Overview of Systematic Reviews (Preliminary Results)
  1. M.B. Nishishinya1,
  2. C.A. Pereda2,
  3. A.C. Cis3,
  4. M. Guerra Balic4,
  5. G. Urrutia5,
  6. M. Solana-Tramunt6
  1. 1Rheumatology, 1. Instituto Traumatolόgico Quiron, Barcelona
  2. 2Rheumatology, Hospital Mediterraneo
  3. 3Sport Medicine, Centro Médico de Hospital Mediterráneo, Almeria
  4. 4FPCEE-Blanquerna, University Ramon Llul
  5. 5Servei d'Epidemiologia Clínica i Salut Pública, Hospital de la Sant Creu i Sant Pau
  6. 6FPCEE-Blanquerna, University Ramon Llull, Barcelona, Spain

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