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SP0197 EULAR Educational Offer: Where Are We Now?
  1. E. Hachulla
  1. National Reference Centre for Rare Autoimmune and Systemic Diseases, University of Lille, Claude Huriez Hospital, Lille, France


Education is one of the major commitments of EULAR. Over time EULAR has developed a broad educational program which today includes courses, both physical and online, rheumatology textbooks, DVDs demonstrating diagnostic and treatment practices, as well as workshops and young rheumatologist sessions scheduled at the annual EULAR congress. In addition, EULAR provides various forms of education and training grants to individuals.

Listed below is an overview of the current offers:

EULAR Live Courses EULAR ultrasound course

EULAR ultrasound trainer course

EULAR epidemiology course

EULAR postgraduate course

EULAR capillaroscopy course

EULAR Scientific Endorsement Course on systemic lupus erythematosus

European workshop for rheumatology research (ewrr)

EULAR On-Line Courses EULAR on-line course on rheumatic diseases

EULAR on-line course on connective tissue diseases

EULAR on-line course on systemic sclerosis

EULAR on-line introductory ultrasound course

EULAR on-line course in paediatric rheumatology

EULAR on-line course for health professionals

Except for the rheumatic diseases on-line course, which lasted 2 years (with 42 Modules), all other courses correspond to a one-year training course (with 7 to 10 Modules each).

Each module consists of:

  • a main review text including learning objectives, pictures, summary points and key references

  • at least two in-depth discussions expanding on clinical problems

  • two interactive clinical cases with questions and answers

  • assessment questions at the end of each module

The EULAR Bookshelf EULAR textbook on rheumatic diseases

EULAR textbook on systemic sclerosis

Coming soon: EULAR textbook on paediatric rheumatology

Musculoskeletal ultrasound in rheumatology

Atlas of capillaroscopy in rheumatic diseases

EULAR training DVDS: Principles of the musculoskeletal history and examination and a second one dedicated to the GALS examination (G = gait, A = arms, L = legs, S = spine)

EULAR Educational Grants Training bursaries for young rheumatologists

Educational visits for health professionals in rheumatology

EMEUNET the Emerging EUlar NETwork, is a EULAR working group of young clinicians and researchers in rheumatology promoting education and research

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