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SP0118 The Ongoing Shift of Paradigms within Physiotherapy and Pain Management
  1. P. Åsenlöf
  1. Neuroscience, Physiotherapy, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden


During the past three decades the search for effective non-pharmacological pain management methods in chronic non-cancer pain conditions has been intensified. However, despite a growing body of scientific studies, there is still no cure for chronic pain, and treatments targeting pain per se do not report sufficient effects in terms or pain relief. This lecture presents some important changes in foci regarding pain management in general and physiotherapy in particular. These are: (1) From problem-identification to goal attainment, (2) From pain intensity to activity interference, (3) From pain relief to behavioural skills training. The perspectives will be described and illustrated by scientific studies underpinning this development. Implications for pain management in inflammatory diseases and physiotherapy will be discussed with the audience.

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