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SP0100 Awareness and Use among Patients with Inflammatory Rheumatic Disease of Objective and Subjective Assessments of Physical Activity
  1. B.A. Esbensen1,2
  1. 1Rigshospitalet - Glostrup, COPECARE, Centre for Rheumatology and Spine Diseases & Research Unit, Glostrup
  2. 2University of Copenhagen, Department of Clinical Medicine, Copenhagen, Denmark


People with inflammatory arthritis (IA) are more physical inactive and sedentary than the general population, which can have serious health consequences such as increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Increasing physical activity levels (PA) (even light intensity) and reduction of sedentary behaviour (SB) have been proved in intervention studies to be feasible for patients and also found to be associated with improvements in health outcomes, such as quality of life, fatigue, pain, physical function and self-efficacy.

Different tools can be used to measure PA. Subjective and objective measures have been used in both clinical practice and in research to assess PA and SB including questionnaires, diaries, pedometry, accelerometry, multi-sensor and observational methods. However, knowledge about patients' perspective, awareness and use of different tools to measure own level of PA and SB is still scarce. Anyhow, it is crucial for health professionals to gain insight in patients' attention to both objective and subjective assessments of PA to give advises to patients about such tools. Behavioural approaches such as making use of self-monitoring has been integrated in studies targeting both increasing PA and reduction of SB in people with IA, showing positive effects. These positive effects might be an issue for health professionals to take advantage of and e.g. teach patients about being physically active and how to make different tools be a part of own self-management.

Data from an international cross-sectional study will be presented investigating the awareness and use of objective and subjective measures of physical activity for patients with IA in Sweden, Ireland, Belgium and Denmark.

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