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SP0098 For Whom Are Joint Replacements Most Successful? An Overview of The Current Literature
  1. L. Mandl
  1. Medicine, Hospital for Special Surgery, Weill Cornell Medicine, New York City, United States


Total hip and knee replacements are are some of modern medicine's biggest success stories. They are, in general, extremely successful procedures, providing patients witih end stage arthritis significant improvements in pain, function and qualify of life. However, these procedures are not universal panaceas; in fact, it is estimated that up to 25% of total knee replacement patients may have residual chronic pain years after their original surgery. As aging babyboomers-who expect to continue an active lifestyle at higher rates than previous generations-increase the demand for joint replacements, it will become even more important to understand the risks and benefits of arthroplasty. This lecture will discuss outcomes of hip and knee replacements, with an emphasis on which patients are most likely to derive benefit.

Disclosure of Interest L. Mandl Grant/research support from: Boehringher-Ingelheim

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