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SP0085 Design of A Self-Management Intervention for Men with RA
  1. C.A. Flurey
  1. Faculty of Health & Life Sciences, University of the West of England, Bristol, United Kingdom


Rheumatoid arthritis affects more women than men (30% male) and current research reflects this difference. Evidence from several long term conditions suggests disease impacts differently on men compared to women, leading to the proposal that men need their own health strategy (White et al 2011). However, the coping styles and support needs of men with RA has not previously been the focus of discussion within rheumatology.

If men experience and cope with RA differently to women then the support required is likely to be different. However, current self-management interventions in RA have been designed and tested mainly in women.

This talk will address the experiences and coping styles of men with RA and their preferences for the design and delivery style of a self-management intervention. This talk will discuss the potential designs for a self-management intervention and potential solutions for engaging men in taking part in such an intervention.

Disclosure of Interest C. Flurey Grant/research support from: Arthritis Research UK

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