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SP0082 Disability in Men and Women with RA. Does It Differ and Does It Matter?
  1. M. Björk
  1. Department of social and welfare studies, Linköping University, Norrköping, Sweden


With pharmacological advancements, early diagnosis and multi-professional treatment, many patients with RA today, have high expectations of being able to participate in valued life activities and to experience a high quality of life.

It is an on going discussion if and how RA affects women and men differently. For example, in the Swedish TIRA-project (Early Interventions in Rheumatoid Arthritis), women report higher pain intensity and more participation restrictions than men. This raises the question if men and women also have different needs of rehabilitation and if rehabilitation should be tailored differently for men and women.

This session will present an overview of impairments and participation restrictions of today's women and men with RA, and how men and women express their disabilities. The session will also focus on differences between women and men and discuss how this may be expressed as different rehabilitation needs.

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